Fudan University hold periodic symposiums titled "The Materials Beyond". These workshops bring together prominent research scientists from China and overseas in order to exchange information and ideas in regards to the development and applications of materials that hold promise of great impact on renewable energy technologies and potential solutions for local and global environment issues. The "Materials Beyond" was firstly initiated by Prof. Omar Yaghi, Prof. Peidong Yang, Prof. Dongyuan Zhao, and Prof. Qiaowei Li in 2012 to discuss the advanced materials that's beyond simple structures with simple properties, and the workshop has gradually developed into the premier workshop at Fudan University in the area of Chemistry and Materials Science.

The workshops have taken place in Shanghai, China and Berkeley, CA, US on six separate occasions: Materials Beyond I (October 29, 2012), Materials Beyond II (April 27, 2015), Materials Beyond III (May 26, 2016),  Materials Beyond IV (March 31, 2017) Materials Beyond V (May 28, 2018), and Materials Beyond VI (June 18, 2019).

This year's forum will be held in Fudan University in Shanghai. It will be a one-day forum on October 26th, 2020 with around 14 top speakers and many scientists in China wish to interact and collaborate.

You are also very welcome to visit the webpage of "Materials Beyond" in the Berkeley Global Science Institute.




Prof. Dongyuan Zhao

Dongyuan Zhao

Professor, Department of Chemistry
Director, Laboratory of Advanced Materials

Fudan University
Prof. Qiaowei Li

Qiaowei Li

Professor, Department of Chemistry, 

Fudan University


Advanced Materials Building
Lecture Hall, Laboratory of Advanced Materials,
Fudan University, Shanghai, China

The Materials Beyond VII will take place in the Lecture Hall of Laboratory of Advanced Materials (LAM), which is located at Jiangwan Campus of Fudan Univeristy in Shanghai, China.
This symposium is supported by Department of Chemistry and  Laboratory of Advanced Materials at Fudan University.

We thank the generous support from the 111 project of Ministry of Education of China, and the Shanghai Key Laboratory of Molecular Catalysis and Innovative Materials, Fudan University.